Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This has been going on too long

I'm listening to that Lily Allen song Him, well you wouldn't know about it because soooo much has happened since my last blog. Over a month ago right, wow.

Things have been slow, then things have happend real quick, ya know when things move so rapidly you hardly have time to think, well that's what's happening to me...

When I am more awake, if I ever am more vibrant I will update this in some shape or way. I have alot of things to actually document like my time in NY, there are alot of funny and cazy stories to tell. Living there was an eye opener to life and i really changed for the better. I grew up... since being home I have fallen back into many of my old ways and not necessarily having a focus each day I've lost alot of what I experienced in NY which SUCKS big time, but I hope in the next few weeks when I return I will be as bright of a star as I USED to be. I was a often the life and soul and now I am a shadow.

Anyways you can only think postive even when shitty thoughts are trying to overshadow those bright sparks, right off to add this daily booth app to my blog, my life in pictures (I have many of those already). Then check my horoscope.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Going away for awhile.

I don't even know where to begin, but I want to be positive right now because I feel drained and not with it.

Last night we got a call from my Dad's family saying he has been taken ill with a stroke. There is alot we still don't know.

He works away in Iraq and is now in a hospital in Germany where I will be traveling with my brother tomorrow morning ( 7th Jan) to be with him. I don't know what to expect when we get there and it's all very scary for both of us, but I want to remain positive that my Dad is getting the best treatment and has started recovery and is in the best hands right now.

Please keep my Dad in your thoughts and prayers. <3
This is a very hard time and never in a million years did I think this would be happening. xxoxoxo

I'm not sure how long I will be away for but will try and come online, already there are so many new youtube video's, eek!

Michelle xoxoxoxo <3
Please email me @ chellemanus@gmail.com if you need me.

Monday, January 5, 2009

PeopleI want to see

I really want to note down a lot of things and read while I am resting and recovering from thee wisdom of teeth removal.

This year I would like to see:

Lily Allen
Alice Smith
Glastonbury( if it's on)
Go to some UK summer festivals
Roisin Murphy ( I missed her when I was in NY , bohooooooo)
Lykee Li
Bjork ( is she does any live shows)
maybe some UK bands like Girls aloud, Kasier Chiefs
Defo Amy Winehous ( she is top of the list)

I am gonna get down to eithr reading Katie price latest book which I have only read a few chapters or watch her series 3 on youtube. Last night I induldged in some simple life til death us do part and it was fablous, forgot how funny.

Well im off can;t be arsed to write a whole long ordeal.
xoxoox Chellbie

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My loved ones <3

We took these last weekend when we went shopping <3 my family are my best friends.

The day the pain will go away!

Watching Celeb Big Brother right now and loving it. I watch it every year, even if it's complete shit, it gives me something to watch.
I am liking the stories that Latoya and Tina are telling, they are real life stories about being abused my men they were in love with, so sad and I know that will never happen to me, but it's good to hear how women make it through. I can relate to people who have a story to tell. I do..I need to get cracking on my journal. I like real people and hearing their stories..I guess that's why I like youtube..
Oh yea I like Mutya too, she is quality, tattoo's, monroe, rough and down to earth. I defo could get on with her, dunno why but she is like an Amy Winehouse, typical British street gal and someone who tells it like it is. She is honest and that's what I think is cool. Gosh this is a shitty blog, right?

Anyways I am lying here on my Mum's bed.... in pain for the last time, having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning at 8:15am we have to be there, there last few weeks about two days before Christmas day I started getting sharp pains in the upper left tooth next to my wisdom tooth but I can't really tell if it the wisdom tooth ( which has been broken for months) or the nerve or what. It was just several sharp unbearable pains which have left my lying on the bathroom floor in agony. I have gone through one and a half bottles of whiskey which I have been using to clear my mouth and swish around the tooth as it gives temporary relief from the pain. And then luckily we have had ibrprofen and vicodin in the cupboard which I have been taking this past week and a half. I really am against taking pain medication at all, I can't even swallow tablets and have to crush them up to take with water. But have taken the tablets like a druggie as it's been my only relief.

Well at 12 I can't eat anything because of the anthesia tomorrow. I am WELL scared to the point of me crying tonight which I think made my tooth flare up and ache, stress seems to casue it along with possibly sweet foods. But they are fucked up anyways, I lost one wisdom tooth completely, it crumbled and only a shard of tooth is left! Its a disgusting mess I should have gotten sorted along time ago when I was like 22/ 23 and the dentist looked at my wisdom teeth in horror...but I was stubborn as I am and like nooo no...

Well it's the big day and I think it may change my life, I have been sick, in pain, miserbale and lost my vibrance since Christmas...and I need that motivation and Michelle craziness back, the vibrance I had when I left NYC..although a part of that was stolen with everything that happened up to me coming home for the holidays. But I will go into that another day.

Well another half an hour of Celeb BB, then gonna have a shower if the tablets kick in, must sort my hair out before having to get up early, there is no way I can wash and do my hair in the morning before we leave. Thank gosh for Mum's eh, she will be with me. Am I a big baby for wanting to take a teddy with me or a blanket...at least I'll feel comfortable..I have never had to have a mini operation so touch wood all goes well :) I'm sure it will...Night xooxxo


BB...watch it..gonna post my blog link on twitter and youtube for those of you lovely people who want to read about muah xoxoxo

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back for good!

Of course Take That comes into mind with that title and the song is playing ,all I want is the link to the video!  I was a semi Take That fan girl in my day but favoured E17... you will know what that stands for..comment below!

I am back for good and bloggin at this late hour, but important issues are keeping me up.

Celebrity Big Brother is back! I can't contain myself, there are really some fab housemates this year. I know they are has beens, we don't hear about them much. They haven't grabbed our attention for years, but I just love the way the show is laid out, how it's filmed, with close up camera angles and how they show each part of  the housemate before they reveal their face.. reality TV at it's finest and I love it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It works!

My magsafe arrived this afternoon after almost two weeks without my macbook it arrived! I was feeling a little wary of whether it was the laptop itself or the magsafe, well I knew it was the magsafe but I thought it could have blown something inside. So the package arrived, Mum handed it to me and I ran upstairs to get my dusty mac out of it's shelter, my case.

Un-wrapped it, threw the return instructions to the side and got the extension wire, connected it to the mag and then to the laptop, no light, 1 second, green light!

YESSSS it's charged to 92% thank goodness. it works, its so nice to type on this keyboard instead of the chunky keys of a windows, shock, horror!

...the magsafe port still has two burnt pins which will probably never get fixed, but maybe one day I can afford the expensive repair charge they will throw at me. On Thursday we booked to take it to the local foothills store and have them look at the keyboard facing, its cracked again and plastic has peeled away, leaving me to CELLO-TAPE it. God forbid me ever taking my mac into a public place, esp. in NEW YORK. I hope they fix it, but last time they replaced it, yes it happened before the guy told me not to be rough with my laptop?!?!? WTF, he implied that I had basically lobbed my precious across a room and then picked it up to inspect the damage! I told him I am the most careful and now keep it in two cases, a foam one and then American Apparel Laptop bag. That was back in May or March 2007 when they replaced the facing when I had a warranty! I bet they'll dispute it. 

I love APPLE ....but not when they refuse to fix stuff.

Peace out! I feel in the swing of blogging right now, it's been 2 weeks since my last video. oh well!